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#1064120 Jan 19, 2009 at 11:49 AM
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Thought I'd post this since it was a hot topic for discussion last night. And I thought caster cap was silly high.

Hit and Expertise Caps (rogue)

Expertise Rating

For 6.5% boss dodge chance (26/26 expertise):

26 expertise (214 expertise rating) to cap.
16 expertise (132 expertise rating) to cap for rogues with 2/2 Weapon Expertise.

The above numbers are the expertise numbers needed from gear to cap.
The character tooltip should read 26 expertise.

Hit Rating

Originally posted by drumbum.

The following values assume that you have 5/5 Precision and that you are attacking a level 83 mob (i.e., boss level).

Special cap 99
Poison cap 315
White cap 722

It seems from reading the forums that you get to the poison cap and then work on other stats as you move to the white cap. I don't know if the current gear sets allow for a white cap.

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