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***Keep in Mind that the Armory Tooltips are god damn terrible and as of yet I am still unable to get WoWhead tooltips put in these forums. Some of the tooltips don't show all of the items properties, such as the Keystone Great-Ring for example doesn't list it's huge dodge boost... check the item on for a much better and COMPLETE tooltip.***

Compiling a list of leather drops in heroics, since some might be used for tanking or DPS or both I'ma just call this the Feral Druid Gear list... will be quite similar to any rogue list that may or may not appear in the future. This is just a list of THEORETICAL items, some may or may not be of any use (mainly the 2-handed maces, but meh) and I'm not sure what druids need for defense now if at all due to new talents and talented crit reduction.

Mask of the Watcher - The Oculus (Cache of Eregos)
Hood of the Furtive Assassin - Halls of Lightning (Loken)
Helm of Cheated Fate - Gundrak (Drakkari Elemental)
Shroud of Darkness - Violet Hold (Zuramat the Obliterator)

Necklace of the Chrono-Lord - Culling of Stratholme (Chrono-Lord Epoch)
Gold Amulet of Kings - Utgarde Pinnacle (King Ymiron)
Necklace of Arcane Spheres - Violet Hold (Xevozz)
Shadowseeker's Pendant - Old Kingdom (Jedoga Shadowseeker)

Sprinting Shoulderpads - Old Kingdom (Elder Nadox)
Spaulders of the Careless Thief - The Nexus (Grand Magus Telestra)

Drake Rider's Tunic - Utgarde Pinnacle (Skadi the Ruthless)
Crystal-Infused Tunic - The Nexus (Keristrasza)
Custodian's Chestpiece - Azjol-Nerub (Krik'Thir the Gatewatcher)

Centrifuge Core Cloak - The Oculus (Varos Cloudstrider)
Shroud of Reverberation - Halls of Lightning (Volkhan)
Cloak of the Gushing Wound - Violet Hold (Erekem)
Cloak of the Enemy - The Nexus (Commander Stoutbeard)

*Advanced Tooled-Leather Bands - Halls of Lightning (Loken)
Bindings of the Tunneler - Utgarde Keep (Skarvald the Constructor)

Bile-Cured Gloves - Culling of Stratholme (Meathook)
Sidestepping Handguards - The Oculus (Mage-Lord Urom)
Charged-Bolt Grips - Halls of Lightning (Ionar)
*Gilt-Edged Leather Gauntlets - Utgarde Pinnacle (King Ymiron)

Mobius Band - Culling of Stratholme (Chrono-Lord Epoch)
Dragonflight Great-Ring - The Oculus (Cache of Eregos)
Band of Torture - The Oculus (Drakos the Interrogator)
Bjarngrim Family Signet - Halls of Lightning (General Bjarngrim)
*Hemorrhaging Circle - Gundrak (Gal'Darah)
*Keystone Great-Ring - Drak'Tharon Keep (The Prophet Tharon'ja)
Nerubian Shield Ring - Old Kingdom (Elder Nadox)
Band of Frosted Thorns - The Nexus (Ormorok the Tree-Shaper)

Batrider's Cord - Drak'Tharon Keep (Trollgore)
Sharp-Barbed Leather Belt - Utgarde Keep (Ingvar the Plunderer)

Ravenous Leggings of the Furbolg - Utgarde Pinnacle (Gortok Palehoof)
*Gored Hide Legguards - Gundrak (Gal'Darah)
Legguards of Swarming Attacks - Old Kingdom (Amanitar)

Slag Footguards - Halls of Lightning (Volkhan)
Boots of the Whirling Mist - Halls of Stone (Sjonnir the Ironshaper)
Gorloc Muddy Footwraps - Gundrak (Eck the Ferocious)

Lightning Giant Staff - Halls of Lightning (Loken)
Hewn Sparring Quarterstaff - Halls of Lightning (General Bjarngrim)
Hammer of Grief - Halls of Stone (Maiden of Grief)
*Staff of Trickery - Violet Hold (Cyanigosa)
Mojo Masked Crusher - Drak'Tharon Keep (The Prophet Tharon'ja)
Enraged Feral Staff - Utgarde Keep (Ingvar the Plunderer)


Seal of the Pantheon - Halls of Lightning (Loken)
Vestige of Haldor - Utgarde Pinnacle (King Ymiron)
Meteorite Whetstone - Utgarde Pinnacle (King Ymiron)
Offering of Sacrifice - Gundrak (Gal'Darah)
Incisor Fragment - Drak'Tharon Keep (King Dred)
Sphere of Red Dragon's Blood - The Nexus (Keristrasza)
Essence of Gossamer - Azjol-Nerub (Hadronox)

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